What We Do


EIPAz is committed to protecting the freedom and right of all American citizens to have their voice heard through their accurately cast and counted vote.


EIPAz volunteers observe Arizona elections, study and review the extensive Arizona Revised Statutes, Arizona’s election Manual as well as federal election laws that govern election processes. We are in the process of researching voter rolls in multiple Arizona counties, we have already begun documenting the electoral process of some counties in recently held special elections.  This effort, the first to be undertaken by a nonpartisan watchdog organization in the state of Arizona.  EIPAz is being used to establish a baseline for how Arizona counties and charter cities are implementing electoral procedures and research and documentation.

  • Train volunteer observers to interact lawfully with elections officials to rectify observed inconsistencies.
  • Educate paid poll workers, poll observers, and ballot processing observers in the state election codes for their election process
  • Encourage citizens to contact their representatives about upcoming legislation and express their views as to why they support or oppose the legislations, this is Self-Governance at work.
  • Research County and State Voter Rolls
  • Advocate for citizen involvement by recruiting and training poll workers to be involved.
  • Advocate for the restoration of integrity in the election process.
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Our Work Pays Off!

In 2018 Election Integrity Project California retained Judicial Watch in an attorney/client relationship in a law suit against California, the California Secretary of State and the county of Los Angeles for failing to maintain their voter rolls to comple with federal NVRA Section 8 requirements. The documented evidence provided to Judicial Watch by EIPCa made the difference in getting a favorable settlement. As a result L.A. County alone had to remove 1.5 MILLLION invalid voters from its rolls.

Why we do it:

EIPAz documents the truth based on facts of what is taking place in Arizona’s election process. Noncompliance with state and federal law has resultedin bloated voter rolls filled with illegitimate registrations. Procedures at the polls provide easy access to a ballot by those who don’t qualify to vote or who are attempting to vote more than once. Arizona’s legislative body appears not to realize the ramifications of recent laws (new and proposed) and their effect on election integrity.

How we do it:

EIPAz researches and analyzes election data and processes and used that information to create valuable training programs to teach citizens how to spot election irregularities.

  • Train volunteer observers – to be the eyes and ears at polling locations and everywhere ballots are processed and counted.
  • Research and analyze election data and processes – Regional, community and various analytical teams.
  • Prepare legislative position papers – proposed legislation is researched; recommendations about proposed laws are sent to Arizona legislators and political influencers.
  • Legislative Liaisons each congressional district will have Legislative Liaisons to work with citizens to become involved with the legislation process.
  • Community Education – Information overviews about the issues and challenges of Arizona’s election processes.