1-5-2021 Lawsuit Filed in Federal Court to End California’s Corrupt Election Process

Citizens are learning that it takes more than supporting and voting to have their voice heard. These Ca. citizens are following up their efforts of observing and documenting election wrongs by filing a lawsuit to enforce the legal election procedures……..

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12/28/20 Fascist Behavior 

This is how the unholy alliance between BIG business and Big government works!   You help get someone elected and you reap, many many returns…….

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The Az Senate is finally doing its job!  To run a good analysis of the Maricopa County voter rolls what they asked for  is required …..

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12/11/20 – Ballot Harvesting Vulnerable Seniors

No matter what state the primary targets for ballot harvesting are vulnerable people either by age or economic problems.  Election Fraud Ring Caught Rigging Elections for Democrats in Texas… 

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Protect the Sanctity of Your Vote

Only Vote In-Person – any other method exposes your vote to potential fraud.
Watchdog group claims more than 458,000 likely dead or relocated persons will be mailed ballots and
24,000 will be mailed two or more ballots.
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IDENTIFY & REPORT Election or Voter Fraud

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Only Vote In-Person. Any other method exposes your vote to potential fraud – someone could change it or destroy it. Mail in voting puts the fate of your vote in the hands of the already overwhelmed Postal Service, who is not resourced to process all ballots.  Do you want your ballot to go unprocessed?

Only Vote In-Person

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