Vote by Mail Ballots


Vote by Mail fraud is VERY REAL!
Presented below are some examples of situations ripe with fraud potential.

  • Under currently-proposed “all vote-by-mail” plans (AZ included), voters would be mailed a ballot – even if they’re ineligible to vote due to re-location or death – facilitating fraud. ​Please Share! #voterfraud #eligibleresidents #votebymail
  • Fraudsters (people posing as friends) collect ballots under the pretense of ‘helping’ you vote but may change or destroy your ballot.
  • Illegal mailing to ALL AZ voters
    • CONTENT: Need an article here re:
  • Deceased relatives vote
    • Validate your deceased family members are no longer registered to vote.
  • You received a mail in ballot you didn’t request
  • You received >1 ballot