Vote by Mail is the single biggest threat to our election process.

Vote in person is the best way to Protect your voice, Protect your vote, Protect your future. The State of AZ is instituting the social distancing and health/safety conditions to prevent the spread of the covid virus at the polling stations. However, just like you take precautions when you shop at the store or walk your dog, you can take those same precautions to protect your vote by voting in person.

The 100 ways of Election Fraud

There is a huge difference between voter fraud and election fraud.  Voter Fraud is one or more, sometimes a group, committing fraud in some way such as forging or stealing IDs, registering to vote and voting in more than one state or using different versions on a name.

While voter fraud is important and should never be tolerated, Election Fraud has the most negative impact on election outcomes and occurs much more often.

  • Ballot harvesting. This is the mother’s milk of fraud using mail-in ballots.
    • Harvesters are paid to prey on the elderly to collect and dump hundreds of ballots in early voting collection boxes – and do.
  • Voting with stolen or fabricated names.
    • One can search voter rolls at the Recorder’s office. Voters who have not voted in several elections are fair game for fraud.  Signatures can be seen on computer monitors, making it easy to forge hundreds or thousands of names added to fake registration cards. Voters voice is stolen because under AZ statues, the first vote is the one that counts.
  • Use of Federal Form registrations
    • Votes are cast only for federal candidates: US Senator, Congressmen and President; unscrupulous workers then give out full ballots
    • No ID is required to register; no proof of citizenship
    • Often registered at Voter Registration booths with no legal oversight
  • Motor Voter registrations
    • Applicant simply checks the box that says “Are you a Citizen.”
    • Can register simply by showing two utility or other bills with same name
    • Worker makes errors in the registration process
  • Voting in more than one state in same election, often multiple adjoining states
  • Corrupted voter rolls
    • Dead people vote
    • Those who have moved out of state or to a new county
    • People under more than one precise name. Example:
      • William Jones
      • William Allen Jones
      • A. Jones, Jr, etc.
      • Multiple registrations caused by various state departments registering same person multiple times.
    • Tabulation machines set for miscounts through tampering
    • Early ballots handled by multiple workers in tabulation rooms
      • Ballots can be “lost” or “found”
      • Workers can view the name of voter and see how they voted
      • Ballots can be re-voted at the discretion of the workers
      • Signatures can be misinterpreted as not a match
      • Ballots that have small marks or tiny tears do not go through tab machines, can be thrown out
    • Mishandling chain of custody of every ballot, especially early ballots
      • Kept in unsecured boxes
      • Not kept by precinct, making an audit more difficult or impossible
      • Improper transport from polling location to tab rooms
      • All required documents are not in the ballot transfer boxes
      • Separating envelopes from ballots before verifying signatures
      • Not maintaining voter tapes, images, paper ballots and other documents meant to be retained for a period of time after elections
    • Unlawful pressure on voters by workers to vote a certain way, especially for elder voters or very young first time voters
    • Mailing out ballots to Independent voters with a party affiliation not requested by the voter
      • Example: Voter A is registered as an Independent or Preference Not Determined (PND)
      • Voter A must designate what ballot to be mailed in the Primary: Libertarian, Democrat, Green Party or Republican
      • Voters can receive the wrong ballot and be denied the right to vote in a different Primary

Conclusion:  The best way to know your vote is accurately handled and counted is to go to the polling location on Election Day, show ID, get a ballot that is accurately printed, vote and then put it through the machine yourself.  Check your voter registration information at the Secretary of State and County websites to make sure you are registered as you want to be registered.

NOTE: Absentee ballots are not the same as Early Ballots and are somewhat less likely to be manipulated.  Absentee ballots are requested on a one-time basis.