The 11th Hour Campaign—Fighting for Election Integrity


Dear Wm T,

I’m sorry that I wasn’t in touch yesterday but, as you can imagine, the Public Interest Legal Foundation is in one of the biggest fights in its history.

In the last 72 hours alone, we have:

  • Monitored the election process in Michigan where we had found many irregularities in 2016. The attorney monitors documented a variety of information that is being used to assess whether the election was conducted in compliance with Michigan and federal law.
  • Filed a lawsuit in Arizona seeking a court order to vindicate voting rights. The lawsuit asks that all ballots left uncured or denied due to the required use of Sharpies be identified and corrected.
  • Filed an amended complaint in Pennsylvania after finding 21,000 apparently deceased registrants on the voter roll. The filing also raises voter list maintenance concerns regarding voting credits granted after federally listed dates of death and new voter registrations established after death.
  • Pressed county election officials in North Carolina to comply with observer laws that were being ignored.

And we are monitoring many, many other states and election processes.

In short, we are the most active, aggressive organization fighting and litigating for election integrity. This is the 11th hour and we have no intention of giving up.

As a loyal supporter, you know how critical this work is. I can’t thank you enough for your commitment to preserving freedom and the Constitution.

I will do my best to keep you up to date with our non-stop efforts. Please also visit our website at

Thank you again!

J. Christian Adams
President & General Counsel
Public Interest Legal Foundation

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