Our History


Every lawfully cast vote accurately counted.

Election Integrity Project AZ (EIPAz) is a branch of the California organization (EIPCa), that started the organization more than 10 years ago to fight for clean elections.

In March, 2019 we formed the AZ chapter to reveal fraud issues that may occur here in AZ. We operate under the 501c3 designation off our parent, EIPCa non-profit status, making all donations to EIPAz fully tax deductible. #eipaz #EIPAzVolunteers

For more than 9 years, Election Integrity Project volunteers have trained more than 10,000 citizens to observe, document and research California elections.
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EIPCa began their work in December 2010 as Election Integrity Project, Inc. (EIP). Election Integrity Project California, Inc. (EIPCa), a 501©(3) California public benefit nonprofit tax-exempt corporation, on August 15, 2017.

This effort, the first to be undertaken by a citizen watchdog organization in the state of California, established a baseline of how California counties are implementing the electoral procedures and compliance with federal election laws.

EIP and now EIPCa study the extensive California Elections Code and the federal election laws that govern elections. They research state and county voter roll database, document legislative manipulation of the election laws that weaken integrity in the election process, and file legal action when all else fails.