Identify & Report Election or Voter Fraud

This is what Election or Voter Fraud looks like:



  • Your ballot is NOT for your designated party
  • You received more than 1 ballot
  • You received a ballot(s) for a district in which you no longer live.
  • Someone is registered in more than 1 state (Voter Registration Fraud)
  • Registrations using variations of a legal name or with a forged ID
  • Someone impersonates another voter to vote twice (Voter Impersonation)
  • Dead people vote
  • A voter offers to vote a certain way for pay (Vote Selling)
  • Non-Citizen Voting – a person votes who does NOT have a right to vote
  • Felon Voting – voting before they have a right to do so

If you’re aware of ANY of the above, REPORT IT using the super-simple app purchased by EIPAz – <click here to download app>

AZ is the 2nd state to make this app available to ALL citizens as it will allow you to report Election or Voter Fraud anonymously by phone, text or computer.  We will then have documentation for further investigation and legal action if needed.  This along with voter roll analysis will put us on the road to more honest elections in Arizona.