Election Fraud Types

Election Fraud Types

Fraud can occur before, during, or AFTER your ballot is cast. Here are some examples you’ll want to be aware of:

  • Alter the vote count – Early ballots are no longer maintained and stored by precincts making it nearly impossible to audit in a recount.
  • Ballot petition fraud
  • Buy or sell votes
  • Duplicate voting
  • False registrations
  • Illegal assistance at the polls or your home
  • Impersonation fraud at the polls
  • Ineligible voting

These are just some of the reasons why you should only vote IN PERSON.  There is a movement going on across America.  That movement is based on the ease of defrauding Mail-In ballots.  Election Integrity Project® California has proven in court that there are at least 100 ways an early ballot can be manipulated.

Without going into deep details, think about how many people handle YOUR early ballot each election.

Here are just some ways your ballot may not count the way you voted it:

  1. Verifying signatures: signatures change over time. Yet two untrained people will decide if you signature is valid or not.
  2. Two strangers will open your ballot to see how you voted.  We are guaranteed a secret ballot but when others view your ballot, it is no longer secret.
  3. Two strangers review your ballot for discrepancies like extra marks on the ballot or small tears. If these things pertain to any ballot, these two people can and will “revote” your ballot so that it will go through the tabulation machines.
  4. In the past, reports have been that re-votes are revoted the way these two people “think” you intended to vote.
  5. Early ballots do get lost.  In the United States in 2018, it’s reported that 28,000,000 ballots are still unaccounted for.
  6. Early ballots have been mishandled by postal workers, it has been shown.  Today, your voter registration information is printed on the outside of the envelope it comes in and again on the outside of the envelope it’s returned it.
  7. There are reasons some precincts need to be re-counted. Early ballots are maintained by precinct making it nearly impossible to recount any precinct(s).
  8. There are witnesses reporting people follow mail carriers and steal ballots out of mail boxes.
  9. It’s easier for ineligible voters to cast a mail-in ballots: those who have died, moved, are unqualified to vote.
  10. Ballot parties produce hundreds of unvoted ballots at the door of neighborhood parties.  The owner gives up their ballot and envelope as a ticket to the party. These ballots will be voted illegally.
  11. Ballot selling is a twist on ballot parties but people sell their ballots for cash.

This is not a complete list but it shows just how creative those are who are dishonest when it comes to manipulating the election process.